Case Study: Big FM Radio with attitude

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The new radio station needed to be operational by 1st November 2008. The team at BML had only 12 weeks from sign off to deliver. One of the biggest time factors being the sound proofing of the studio and recording booths and reception desk.

What Happened:
BML started with an empty canvas and created a state of the art radio station. They also manufactured all the office furniture and designed, manufactured and installed an impressive kitchen/staff meeting area, boardroom

The importance of being on air for their launch date of 1st November meant there was no room for error. Although there was a lot going on at once both client and contractor worked together to achieve a fantastic outcome.

Client Comments:

When approached to take photos for BML’s website, Larry and the team at BIG FM were only too pleased to allow us through the fully functioning radio station.On enquiring about how the build went Larry said “we are great people – so we only work with great people.BML are part of who we are. They worked long hours including weekends and were always available to discuss implementation challenges.”